Elegy from the hearts
MIX DVD by Jef Mertens.

Teenage Riot

Film Credits:

Sonic Youth live sound recorded at Paradiso - Amsterdam August 2004 by Aaron Mullan and mixed by Aaron at Echo Canyon

Corsano - flaherty live sound recorded at Zaal Belgie - Hasselt November 2005 by koen Vandenhoudt and mixed by Koen

Lightning Bolt live sound recorded at Lintfabriek - Kontich October 2005 by Jef Mertens

protest for Peace Attack / Hans Vandenbergh
girl in Unmade Bed / Bieke Deloore

additional footage:
for teenage Riot / Paul VDB
for I love you golden blue / Hans Vandenbergh
for Unmade Unmade Bed / Isabelle Swolfs


Sonic Youth
Lightning Bolt
Chris Corsano
Paul Flaherty
Carlos van Hijfte
Aaron Mullan
Chris Habib
Dave Markey
Koen Vandenhoudt
Hans Vandenbergh
Paul VDB
Isabelle Swolfs
Wouter Geukens
Olivier Barbaix
Walter Wagenaar

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