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Bark Haze/Traum split out now
August 28, 2008

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"After Dave shuts down HAL and finds the true objective of their mission to Jupiter, he boards a pod and descends towards a monolith in search of the destination of the transmission mankind discovered on the Moon. As he reaches the Jupiter monolith, he begins to travel through a tunnel of lights, projected through space and time until he ends up in an ornately decorated bedroom with Renaissance artwork and molding. In the bedroom, Dave starts to rapidly age. As he lies in his deathbed another monolith appears. Just as the apes did in the opening sequence, he reaches out to it, echoing Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, and is evolved; the starchild is born.

The Monolith series combines two like-minded artists on the same one-sided, reverse-cut LP by hard-panning one recording to the right and the other recording to the left. By adjusting the panning controls on his or her turntable, the listener is free to control the degree to which the two recordings melt into one. Each edition in the series is limited to a one-time pressing of 500 picture disc LPs featuring a Monolith inspired painting by Ned Clayton and includes a CD with stereo mixes.

Monolith: Jupiter is realized by two fre(e/ak)-jazz duos: Traum and Bark Haze. On the right is Bark Haze, the duo of Gown (Andrew MacGregor) and Thurston Moore. Bark Haze explores the interplay between two unbridled electric guitars. This recording focuses on restraint: an intimate melding of the minds through careful abuse of the strings. On the left is Traum, in this recording the duo of Hell Hall (Graveyards) and Zac Davis (Lambsbread). The project is Hall's continuation of Graveyards' from the gutter ode to jazz's influence on noise. This recording combines Hall's creative and controlled drumwork and percussion with Davis' schizophrenic/ADHD guitar hallucinations. The combination of the two recordings is either interstellar kismet or pure trash or at least interstellar trash".

Sonic Youth
Sonic Youth, initially comprising of guitarist / vocalists Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo, guitarist / bassist / vocalist Kim Gordon and drummer Richard Edson, were formed in New York City in 1981. A product of the No-Wave music scene of the late 1970s, the group had their roots in abrasive, experimental music, with Moore and Ranaldo having previously worked with the experimental composer Glenn Branca. The band were joined in 1985 by drummer Steve Shelley, and have now recorded 14 albums together, as well as many side and solo projects. Their work has been consistently challenging and innovative, and they are widely regarded as one of the most intriguing and influential bands of their time.


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