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Whitey Album

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1. Needle-Gun  


2. (Silence) top


3. G-Force top

don't be a fool girl
he's takin' me all the way
we're going to burn you up
you're all going to burn me up
got to ... real life
you make me feel stupid
wish it was five minutes before yesterday
do you remember the time we were gonna do that
sweetheart, c'm'ere
bring me all your food honey
dying dying
do you wanna fuck me
no, bring me all your food
don't be a fool girl
[?] all american dream come true
don't go in the water
dying dying
got to, it's real life
c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon
i don't remember what it was like yesterday
was there a yesterday
g force eight ninety-nine, seventy-nine ninety-five
the ice ballet
sleeping beauty
she's a real jogger
what becomes a mirrorshade most? huh

c'mon girl
we're gonna burn you
you're contaminated
something's out there, look
don't you see
something used to be out there
i have it all in this book
do you wanna fuck me
we used to go to the place
tell you what i'm gonna do
i'll make you an offer
don't do that
what's it gonna be pal
don't be a bully
just coz i'm a girl
do i make you feel silly
do you see the tall one
i'm sorry, i didn't mean to just sound like that
honey you can pick up that phone, call packer? and all your troubles will be over
i just hope it was worth it
as soon as the sun goes down
he's going into town
and he's gonna play pool
got to, it's real life
she always told me he would
somehow i didn't believe her
i'll tell you one thing though
i think it's going to rain tomorrow

4. Platoon II top


5. Macbeth top


6. Me & Jill/Hendrix Cosby top

We had just left shore when everything began to happen at once
the water came in and we started to go down
i looked at jill and she looked back, thinking it would be alright to go down
then the railings broke and the motors gave out
the hall emptied out and no-one was left for the band
the amps all wet, speakers burst, soaked

we, up three flight now, tried to meet up with the galley crew
but it seemed everyone had gone
we had a smoke to pass some time
jill said ``I'd love to, right now"
what could i say, we did while the waters rose, licking our feet
it was fun and funny so we laughed
I loved the way she could laugh, so full bodied

when we hit the sky we were high over the rooves
a field of gnarled antennas coiling upwards
waves and waveforms joining in a nice hot blast
so different from the boat
the cold silver sky opened for us and we passed through
last i saw of jill she was heading into the coils of the antennae
laughing, so beautiful
saying she hadn't yet had her fill of the boys there and the electricity
saying she wanted to plug in again and fry a bit
i said ``watch the water love"
she kept laughing and shook her hair
she said ``I'd love to, right now, you know"
so we did, and had a smoke too, and her lips parted
there in amongst the coiling snakes of an antenna she looked right at home
the waves came up and a blinding flash caught me dreaming of her
as she looked all crossed with wires and sparks watching the blast
everything went orange and all my thoughts dissolved inwards in the cloud
i thought one last: how different from the sea is the boat

7. Burnin' Up (Mike Watt Orig. Demo) top


8. Hi! Everybody top

Good evening and hi everybody
welcome to ciccone youth, the whitey album
we put together some neat mixes [?]
we hope you like it as much as we do

9. Children Of Satan/Third Fig top


10. Two Cool Rock Chicks Listening To Neu top

Susanne: That's what you should do, you should be dinosaur's manager
Kim: y'know dinosaur has like ten managers
Susanne: they don't have any other managers
Kim: they have like...are you kidding? they have a manager in every city
Susanne: it'd be such an easy job though to just tell them what to do, i think
Kim: ahhh, yeah but, it's like, they want you to do everything else like they're
that kind of band like they don't wanna do anything
Susanne: yeah but that's easier, to do everything than to just do some of it,
it's easier y'know
Kim: that's true, and have somebody else...
Susanne: and then have somebody else fuck up what you've done by doing part of
your job it's like easier just to do the whole thing

Susanne: in some ways i think like somebody like redd kross would be easy to
manage cos they'd just be so like ``well, whatta we do now?" and you
just tell them and that would be it
Kim: they just wanna rock
Susanne: yeah right they don't wanna do anything
Kim: they just wanna be rock gods, y'know
Susanne: [?] snare

Susanne: so let's call j
Kim: ok

Kim: hello, is j there? oh um can you just tell him kim and susanne called, ok,
thank you, bye

11. Addicted To Love top


12. Moby-Dik top


13. March Of The Ciccone Robots top


14. Making The Nature Scene top


15. Tuff Titty Rap top

we've been asked to participate
in a Mad-donna rocker that can reactivate
we're ciccone youth from new york city
[got the pizza?] connection cos it's a tuff titty

now i know my rhyme ain't bustin' no time
cos my rap [?] like a homeboys [?}
his name's mike watt, he's gonna get caught
[some knuckle ?] defiance to the group on new alliance

fuck yeah, fuck yeah

16. Into The Groove(y) top

Music can be such a revelation
Dancing around you feel the sweet sensation
We might be lovers if the rhythm's right
I hope this feeling never ends tonight

Get into the groove boy
You got to prove your love to me, yeah
Get up on your feet, yeah
Step to the beat, boy what will it be

Get to know you in a special way
To me everyday
I see the fire burning in your eyes
Only when I'm dancing can I feel this free

[Madonna: "No one else can see me by myself"]

I wanna dance with someone else

Get into the groove boy
You've got to prove your love to me, yeah
Get up on your feet, yeah
Step to the beat, boy what will it be, yeah

Live out your fantasies here with me
Just let the music set you free

[Madonna: "Now I know you're mine" x 2]

Get into the groove boy
You got to prove your love to me, yeah
Get up on your feet, yeah
Step to the beat, boy what will it be
You got to get into the groove
Boy you got to prove your love to me
Get up on your feet
Yeah, step to the beat, boy what will it be
You've got to... get...

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