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A Thousand Leaves

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1. Contre Le Sexisme  

Describe the touch, no it�s the thought
it�s warm and yellow and has a ruffle
it�s warm and yellow and...
he�s so quiet I forgot he�s there
and I think here I am.
�oh alice, come back he�s just a kitten...
he�s just a kitten�
a thousand leaves for your disguise
fall on the sky
and looking up from down
is a sea to
realize the leaves are falling
up and down
up and round.
and this is from my heart to you
a crazy wind will stir me too and contre de la
i am with you.

2. Sunday top

sunday comes alone again
a perfect day for a quiet friend
and you - you will set it free
i see new morning yound yr face
everybody sez its another phase
and now - now its come to me
see the magic in yr eyes
i see it come as no surprise
and you - you turn yr eyes away
yeah you - you turn it all away
i guess its true its never too late
still i don�t know what to do today
oh why - can�t i set you free
will you - do the same for me
sunday comes and sunday goes
sunday always seems to move so slow
to me - here she comes again
a perfect ending to a perfect day
a perfect ending what can i say
to you - lonely sunday friend
with you - sunday never ends

3. Female Mechanic Now On Duty top

i wanna shut you down
love yr. sight and sound
i wanna spin you round, till yr. underground
i wanna strip you down
till you feel the round
i wanna feel your shine
i wanna waste some time
i wanna paint my face
like a model out of place
cause im supposed to dare
the machine will tear
i�ll throw up sometime
and then you�ll be mine
i wanna serve you down
while my mind is on the ground
i wanna move your switch
make you go quish
my desiring machine
yeah it�s made pretty clean
now i�ll turn the dial
and i�ll put you ina pile
modern women cry
modern women don�t cry
cry don�t cry
you hut me with your lie
touch the fire in the rain and
see the children
stop their play and
look for shelter
in the garden of their
make believe and i
i believe
perfection is a
i can see what you�re going thru but
i can�t melt my head to what you�re
whisked away to light the bomb a
thousand leaves are left to stay and...

4. Wildflower Soul top

sing yr children
yr children song
sing yr love child
love is on
see thru child eyes
eyes are old
and old is magic growing
see the child lights
spinning gold
everyday girl
they blow away
leaves falling to the water
for you today
sing yr birthday
yr birthday blues
sing yr wild light
wildflowers bloom
they will not forget you
and down/they go
to sleep/so slow
away/they grow
they go
i wait/i wait all day
sing yr love child
love is on
sing yr child lights
sing yr child lights
lights are gold
sing yr child life
wildflower soul

5. Hoarfrost top

I put my feet deep in the tracks that you made
walked behind you off into the wood
�We�ll know where when we get there� you said
And we both knew we would
high above like a spider
the colors turning brown
freeways passing by us
I took yr hand and we knelt down
wheels paddle wheels paddle movement as we go
trees passing trees passing signs along the road
a view thru the trees to a couple in the snow
a view thru the trees to a couple standing in
the snow
Suddenly the trees were flashing by us
Clouds reflecting fast across your eyes
We turned into a frozen medow
The wind the only sound
�We�ll know where when we get there� you said
�We�ll know where when we get there� you said

6. French Tickler top

free time, free time
I have got it gonna get me some
free time, free time
I would spend it forever captivated
free time, free time
would you tell me the secret of yr arm
free time, free time
forever fabulastic, blowup, pleasuristic
I feel combustible
that�s my will say it all
mille feuille
mille feuille
mille feuille
now you better take a deep breath
the smell is just the best
i�ll transform even yr breast
you are my new weekend guest
I can�t believe this could happen to me
caught inside someone�s knee
free time, free time
uncovered forever barest endeavor
free time, free time
if you want me splash me forever
free time, free time
let it happen the leisure, enchanting
free time, free time
yr neck is my favorite pleeze don�t spare it
I feel combustible that�s my will, say it all
now you better cough up the dough
if you want to join the show
exotique is not for free
spend wisely eternity
engine of desire is on the road
don�t get stuck without a job
free time, free time
you have got it gonna get me some
free time, free time
wandering, fantastic, sparkling demanded
free time, free time
did I mention that you control me
free time, free time
the merest endeavor slightly forever
mille feuille
mille feuille
mille feuille
mille feuille

7. Hits of Sunshine (For Allen Ginsberg) top

today i
said goodbye
to my conflicted goddess
her lush eyes
show surprise
at how we could gather knowledge
the painting has a dream
where shadow breaks the scene
and the colors run off
blue is bashful
green is my goal
yellow girls are running backwards
until the nextime
with six hits of sunshine
the lights will blind up with blues in haiku
the shadow has a dream
where painters look to sea
the colors burn out
now i know where
i once saw you
stepping into muddy water
john�s reflection
decried perfection
now you walk him through the gardren
waiting in the wings
painters shade their dreams
with falling colors
see me wave good
bye forever
happiness the goddess lover
hurry back re
member last time
the hits of sunshine
the hits of goldmine
i�ll see you back tonite
where painters love the light
and yellow shadow girls
today i
say goodbye
to my complicious goddess
her hushed eyes
show surprise
and how we captured knowledge
i�ll see you back tonite
where shadows dream of light
let�s slip on outside

8. Karen Koltrane top

Karen�s moving out
out into the sky
Karen trips on a cloud
Sets down w stars in her eyes
She�s alone in a room
She�s deep inside of her mind
Karen�s leaving for the snow
Somewhere to somewhere... blind
She cut the silver lining in my soul
I was tethered to her for a time
are we still together?
will she stay forever?
(will she stay?... beside...
flashlight... Karen stay... etc.)
Karen, yr hanging on the line
wraps yr coat tight around
Karen, yr eyes are on the prize
i�ll catch you on my way down

9. The Ineffable Me top

cant catch me
i�m syntax free
i�m preconceived
i don�t invest
in what is best
your once and for all
means shit to me
hate translator
hate translator
hate translator
you can�t catch me
don�t mistake her
don�t misshape her
you don�t mutate her
you can�t get me
the radical beacon
the preverbal season
the abstract poetics
immediate treason
do you remember
reductionist lie
hate castrater
hate castrater
hate castrater
don�t fuck with me
don�t you break her
and don�t deflate her
don�t outdate her
or you�ll fuck with me
its a cushy job
a pussy�s job
a cum junkie�s job
makes my dick throb
cant catch me
i�m syntax free
i�m preconceived
don�t be alarmed
don�t be alarmed
don�t be alarmed
its only me
come back in my arms
back in my arms
back in my arms
the ineffable me

10. Snare, Girl top

im here for you
cant you see what im doin
i bring you news from the kingdom
of disciples in ruin
behold a child
has just been born
into a life
of secrets sworn
hold out yr hands
and take these palms ive been given
they are wild with beauty faded
and they can guide this child to heaven
so rest assured
and understand
how harvest eyes
renew your land
im here looking for you dear
if i could see clear
thry all the sun stained stations
its all up in the air girl
its like a snare girl
in all its manifestations
im here for you
cant you see what im saying
i have palms from the ruins
where disciples are straying
im coming after you
with mercy given
and your secrets out
now youre forgiven
im here looking for you dear
cant you see clear
all these sun stained stations
its you under the stairs girl
with a snare girl
sounding salutations

11. Heather Angel top

never gonna ya do it
a world below
heather angel you are somewhere
on the show
don�t you think you would find
where to go
I want to go dancing on the other side
I want to buy a phonograph
but the money�s gone
he bought books and records
I don�t care about that
I just want to be alive
and go to the other...
I don�t want money or books
have to decide
and you were shot in the name of it
and then you�d see yeh, yeh
then you�d see
the relationship
and walking I see you in the clouds
and I fall for
I would fall for you
I would...
goodbye, bye
and that is all

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