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NYC Ghosts and Flowers

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1. Free City Rhymes  

in a free lane
ghosts passing time
heat rises
lights thru the town
blown soundscapes
blue city eyes
black lightning
new angel flies

make a free line
to the northern sky
holy rain falls
ghosts burn to shine
reach for the lights
free city rhymes

2. Renegade Princess top

jet black hair
tangled stare
blood inside
silent stare
naked heart
red light night
tangled heart
midnight hair
poor mans bride
moonlight fight
crystal heart

(Thurston+Kim) make way for the midnight princess
midnight princess fight tonight
renegades fight for life
naked stairs in the midnight rain
gonna fight for yr blood tonight
crystal hearts gonna break you down
tangled hearts in a midnight fight
renegade princess fight

3. Nevermind (What Was It Anyway) top

best + sexy what was it anyway
jean-michel what was it anyway
saw you there what was it anyway
kneel right down what was it anyway
guitar on the ground what was it anyway
lost yr hand what was it anyway
hipsters stand what was it anyway
glitter tongue what was it anyway
gave you a flower what was it anyway
gave you the power what was it anyway
saintly ghosts what was it anyway
tingling down what was it anyway
nevermind what was it anyway

soot me over / feel me naked
soot me over / feel me escape

boys go to jupiter to get more stupider
girls go to mars, become rock stars

come on down down to the river
come on down and jump right in
come on down i dare you to win now
come on down and down my friend
come on down and jump in the river
come on down and jump right in

4. Small Flowers Crack Concrete top

small flowers crack concrete
narcotic squads sweep thru poet dens
spilling coffe grabbing 15 yr old runaway girls
by frazzled ponytailed hair + tossing them
into backseats of cop cars
the narcs beat the bearded oracles
replacing tantric love with
complete violence

lights + mirrors dot the city
inkstained hippies w/ boxed lunch + marijuana
mystery plays of shit and nothingness
blessed by colors from a black hat

blue lights search thru weeds
searching for the heart of d.a.levy
and the mind he left behind

what didjoo expect? another mystic wreck?
thats whatchoo got crawling in yr panic net
whatdidjoo bring me? not a goddamn thing yet
+ whatdidjoo leave me? another tombstone dream yeh
o salacious mansion, the boys held for ransom
didja see where he's gone? the blasted summers dawn
fucked up in cleveland fucked up in cleveland
short flight to nothing heavens up to something heavens up to something
levys up to something levys up to something

death poems for the living gods of america
plastic saxophones bleat, bleed for nothing, nada
cops crashing thru doors infuriated by silver charms
of suburban smoke
at war with patches of red dirt glitter
and bluejean fucking
+ protest

5. Side2side top

meet me on the corner
wear your
sway side 2 side

6. StreamXsonik Subway top

flipped on my perceptive cogs
checked in with the future gods
for melodies of bees and hogs
start my day the perfect way

burned a batch of mazzy funk
poor girl noise and choke style punk
clapped it on and off i slunk
to the streamXsonik subway

first i need my iris scanned
as i smell the breeze of electric tin
w/ purple lights i'm motioned in
wink the gain to minus 10

fell asleep and missed my stop
got rousted by a low-beam cop
got a ticket-patch for ilicit flop
then froze me with his jesus gun

that don't mean i'm shot down yet
the glow below of the whisper jet
it all means so much to us
we dream below the rainbows rust

clippen on my streetmatik clogs
pushed thru the hyped-out fervent fogs
found my way with sensoid jogs
new radio structure

state my name and locus frame
paid the price for crashing fame
the apprentice sparks his initial flame
the printout says "further"

antique minds with rivered hair
streamXsonik subway fare
stay in touch with electric dear
our lightmap eyes together

7. NYC Ghosts & Flowers top

when the phone rang, 3 in the morn, dead middle of night
there was nuthin on the line
i set back the silent receiver / tiny flames lit in my head
hey did any of you freaks here ever remember lenny?
i can't remember his last name
he's turned to dust now, one of the chosen few
left out in the rain, out of town again
left out in the rain, ocean bound i guess

between the matress and a column of hazy faces
i remember every word you said
quite a clear picture ev'ry word you said
the door was open but the way was not lit
and there was no way out of my head

on a crimson hiway by a chrome bumper i last saw you:
alive / inclined to thrive / evening fireflies lit sparks around yr head

but wait a minute let's back up a bit:
some famous stars were busted by the thought police down on fashion avenue
impersonating real men / not knowing who they really were
now here at dark corners all is calm and quiet and good
the kids are up late dreaming quiet questions in a graceful mood:

can you please pass me a jug of winter light?
fold me in an ocean's whim?
in sweet corrosive fire light?
in the city made of tin?

are you famous under the skin?
familiar with the things you wanted?
able now to take it all in?
making peace w/ every hole in the story?

did lightning keep you up all night?
illuminate the soot and grit?
can you tell how high the sky tonight?
dig out from under in spite of it?

can you cover up the one that floats?
can you push back the hours?
i hear yr voice, i speak yr name
among nyc ghosts and flowers
will we meet? to run again?
thru nyc ghosts and flowers

8. Lightnin' top


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